Low Back Pain Rehab

  • Low Back Pain Rehab In Brampton, Ontario

Low Back Pain

Does low back pain prevent you from participating in certain activities? Do certain movement patterns continually flare up your low back? Do you have a history of being out of commission for a couple days with a sore back, and are worried it’s going to happen again?

I work with patients to identify the cause of low back pain (there is no such thing as “non-specific low back pain”). Once the cause of your pain is identified I teach you how to move correctly for your body. The goal is for you to lead a pain-free, active life in which you know how to take care of yourself!

These appointments are ideal for anyone who:

  • always get pain with certain movements (ex. squats, deadlifts, vacuuming, shovelling, bending)
  • has a history of low back pain flare ups that indicate they are heading towards a major injury
  • wants to know how to exercise without putting their low back at risk of injury

In addition to completing 2 internships with Dr Cambridge, Lindsay has completed all 3 McGill Method Courses (Foundation for a Pain Free Back, Assessment, Enhancing Performance) and is a Registered Kinesiologist.


Lindsay Branton, R.Kin.


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